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The Database

The BugsCEP software package consists of two main files:
- BugsCEP, software which contains the forms, queries and code that make up the user interface
- Bugsdata, the database which contains almost all of the actual data.
The latter is a relational database built in MS Access 2000, with about 43 tables which contain the data enumerated below.

The setup program will also install a number of support files as needed, including those necessary to run an Access database on a PC without the full software installed (although this is becoming increasingly difficult on the latest Windows versions).

The vast majority of data has been input by Paul Buckland, including the extensive recent database update (see below).

Current geographical scope (but all data are welcome)

BugsCEP sites
A prototype map orientated display can be found at SEAD

Data (at time of writing - constantly increasing) - UPDATED 2nd April 2015

Species related

  • 10801 Taxa (links to online images are being added)
  • 6567 Synonyms
  • 846 Records of species association
  • 1755 UK RDB rarity records
  • 10825 Species attribute records (mainly size data)

Fossil record and other sample based

  • 1196 Sites
  • 1305 abundance datasets/countsheets
  • 171282 Fossil record entries (which make up the 1192 countsheets)
  • 9783 Recorded dates of which: 1221 radiometric; 6928 period; 1634 calendar

Climate and Ecology

  • 436 MCR thermal envelopes
  • 31989 Ecology text excerpts
  • 34719 Distribution text excerpts
  • 8864 BugsEcoCode assignments
  • 16639 Koch Ecology Code assignments
  • 9894 UK Monthly activity records


  • 401 Identification keys (by Peter Skidmore)

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